Reefer Carriage Solutions

BLPL has a vast and modern fleet of Reefers to satisfy your need of transporting perishable goods or goods requiring temperature controlled environment. With the continuous efforts of growing itself in the field of transporting reefer containers, BLPL has been one of the most efficient operator of reefer containers mainly in the Indian Sub-continent, South-East Asia and Middle East. For each of your shipment, our team would ensure that the cargo is carried & delivered in a fast, fresh and safe way.

Since establishing our reefer business a few years ago, we have set up a niche market in the transportation of perishable cargo with great success. We are currently considered as one of the top operator of reefer containers, with a sizeable fleet of over 3,000 forty-foot containers to carry perishable cargo from/to the Indian Subcontinent, South-East Asia and Intra South-East Asia. With strongly growing reefer volumes in Asia due to the conscious move towards ocean shipping for perishables, BLPL will continues to develop and expand its reefer business in the region by adding more trade lanes.

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