BLPL Singapore Pte Ltd, a part of Transworld Group Singapore, was established with the aim of combining the group strengths and years of experience in the shipping field to provide a single platform to cater to all our customers’ needs. BLPL Singapore Pte Ltd (“BLPL”)’s business model in general is to facilitate and connect cargo to and from the Indian Subcontinent, South Asia, the Far East, Middle East & Upper Gulf and East Africa, using Singapore, Port Klang, Colombo and Jebel Ali as transhipment hubs with a growing fleet of containers, covering 106 ports in 26 countries.


Our services including:

Dry Container Solutions

In the world of container transportation, the dry container always plays a principal role.

Reefer Carriage Solutions

BLPL has a vast and modern fleet of Reefers to satisfy your need of transporting perishable goods or goods requiring temperature controlled environment.

Special Projects Handling

Cargoes come in various shapes and sizes and cannot always fit into a standard container.

ISO Tank Solutions

BLPL offers ISO tank solutions that support you to obtain more efficient liquids transporting deployment by a safe and secure model.

Container Freight Station

BLPL’s TG terminal offers an efficient and timely support to process export and import clearance for further delivery for you.

Please visit our Services section to know more about each of our offerings.